About Us

Gary W. McGinnis Often, the best paths to where we end up are long and winding, like the one which lead Gary W. McGinnis to his status in the clock repair business today.

In 1984, Gary was attending Sacramento State College, when he began a clock repair apprenticeship program.  Over the next two years, he would find his passion in the repair of and care for these intricate time pieces, fascinated by the only-slightly-changing inner workings and complexities of mechanical clocks over decades and even centuries.

At the end of these two years, Gary found himself in good standing with the shop in which he trained, and made a move that would set his course for the next 40 years:  He became the shop’s manager.

Over time, Gary’s knowledge grew, as did his base of loyal clients who came to know his attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.  Capitalizing on his success in his field, Gary would soon decide to make another leap of faith in honing his expertise, and he opened up his own shop, calling it The Clock Doctor.

As with all great origin stories, however, The Clock Doctor was no stranger to humble beginnings, and its first location was in the basement of Gary’s landlady’s home. 

Luckily, the small, out of the way space didn’t deter customers.  Conversely, Gary found the space perfect for working long hours and learning about an even larger array of time pieces than he ever had before.

Two years later, in 1990, The Clock Doctor got its first standalone location, the corner of 24th and J Street in Sacramento.

Business boomed.

Gary and his fledgling business became known as the go-to experts for clock maintenance and repair, and it was around this time that things began to really take off.  What had once started as a short apprenticeship had now, without doubt, turned into a full fledged career for Gary.

Within another two years, The Clock Doctor could no longer confine its business to the 500 square foot office on 24th and J Street, and made the move to its current location at 5741 Auburn Boulevard, where it has stood since 1992!

In 1997, Gary moved to Turlock, CA, which meant the opening of another branch there as well.

To this day, Gary and his company have serviced thousands upon thousands of customers, helping restore clocks of all types and ensuring the keeping of time as a number one priority.

Today, we repair grandfather, wall, mantle, anniversary, cuckoo clocks and more – we pride ourselves on offering exquisite, professional service that isn’t over until your clock is running and making more cherished memories.

All the best, and we hope to see you soon,

Gary W. McGinnis, The Clock Doctor